5 Elements to Health and Vitality


Are you ready for a simple and refreshing take on Health and Vitality?

At Wagner Chiropractic we work on 5 Raw Elements to Health and Vitality.

Based on the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, water and metal, our 5 Elements to Health and Vitality has been developed from practices used in Eastern traditions for over 2000 years. The belief is that the five elements represent our balance and wellbeing of our body’s. The theory works with elements of the earth and corresponds to the seasons. Each element feeds into the next one. And our bodies represent the same seasons and changes. And it’s all about energy being moved and transformed It’s all about ENERGY

The theory is that we develop disease or illness when the energy that is designed to move gets stuck or stagnate. In traditional Chinese medicine it is called “painful stagnation of chi”. The ancient 5 Element System aids the mind, body and spirit to self-heal and self-regulate. The Wagner Chiropractic 5 Elements program deals with the underlying causes of disease aiming at restoring overall balance and energy.

Be on the lookout for future blog posts describing each of the 5 Elements to Health and Vitality and how they are applied to your life

I believe a great life requires great energy!
— Dr. Ramah Wagner B.S., D.C, F.I.A.M.A., D.C.R.C.  |  FOUNDER & DIRECTOR

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