Communicating for Health, Wellness and Success


Talking, expressing, speaking, conversing, negotiating, telling, and sharing: all are synonyms for communication. Most people believe communication is the key to a great and rewarding life. I have found this to be true especially in my field of work. In healthcare especially, a great doctor must be a good communicator.

Why is this so? It is so because people are often afraid to ask for what they really need. Some are unable to clearly express what they are feeling or experiencing in their physiology. Others don’t really know what is wrong, how bad their condition is or if it is fixable. Still others know exactly what is wrong and focus on speaking about the problem rather than the healing they would love to see happen.

My patients know I talk health talk. Finding doctors who will take the time to communicate cutting edge health technologies and treatments available to you, to take your finances into account, and then to make a plan to get you to a state of wellness is key.

The communication and relationship between doctor and patient always begins with the patient opening up and sharing.

Having good communication skills is valuable in all relationships in life.

I spent time in The Dreaming Room® with Michael Gerber. This tremendous man spent his life studying the workings of small businesses in America and how to succeed in the marketplace. One of the exercises Michael Gerber took us through in The Dreaming Room® was to create companies out of our true spiritual purpose. We were expected to go back to the very beginning and communicate our dreams.

Many people at that seminar were like me. We all dreamed of bringing heaven onto earth. During the exercise, Michael Gerber asked a series of provocative questions—questions about our deep driving forces that evoked tender and heartfelt responses from us.

Next, we were asked to create a product, a solution to a global problem we all face. One of the key factors propelling us to take our dreams to the workplace, Michael taught us, is to be able to communicate our message and to articulate what we do in a way that speaks to another. This is vital to businesses being great.

It is truly in the communication of our hearts that all great things begin and continue to unfold whether it’s a journey from sickness to wellness or the birth and evolution of a business.

It was in The Dreaming Room® that I finally truly connected to my inner driving purpose while realizing the center point of what I am really on the planet to be, do, and have. This was a pivotal moment for me and it changed my life dramatically.

My desire is to build a healthcare practice around enlightened relationships.

I’ve learned that first we must attain an enlightened relationship with the Universe (God). Then we must learn to enlighten our relationships with ourselves.

The ability to love others and relate to them is a reflection of how we relate to and love ourselves. Out of this comes the overflow of enlightened relationships. 

In the marketplace, my product—chiropractic and energy medicine—actually puts me, along with others, into alignment with the universe. And it always begins with the simplest of things—words. And it is through communication that we become fully known and we experience the fullness of life.