Having and Giving It All


How Making The Decision To Nurture Our Energy and Allow It to Flow Makes For The Best Life Ever

Energy is borne of service.”

This is actually a very sacred concept but how did I come to it?

I came to it simply by experiencing the truth of life.

One day I woke up realizing that having it all really is possible. Finally, after all the years of education, after all the sacrifices to become excellent in my field, and after searching relentlessly for the true meaning of life I found it–ENERGY.

We require energy to be able to fulfill our heroic destiny here on planet earth. We require energy to become people of significance and energy to keep love alive.

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Many women don’t believe they can have a successful career, beautiful and light body, and rich emotional relationships. Many men and women think that they are not enough to sustain all of the good things in their lives. 

How do we attract all the things we desire into our lives and then keep them? We open to, build, and conserve energy. 

The real truth is that having it all comes down to energy. 

God doesn’t want us to play small in life and so there is no limit to the amount of energy we can open up to. 

Surprisingly, it is how we deal with our daily lives that pours more of this valuable substance through us and from us. One of the first great global chiropractic energy healers illustrated this when he said, “Above Down-Inside Out.”

How do we pull more down from above, and how do we pull it inside to then allow it flow outward? Through service. Service to God. Service to humanity. Service to others. We flow this energy in all directions by putting our unique talents to work, whatever they may be, by using them to serve. 

At times this service becomes service to ourselves. This means maybe we need to pay attention to how we are caring for our bodies.

Our bodies are conduits. We are vessels inside of which energy builds and circulates.

Holding the power to grasp opportunities as they arise, keeping the momentum up to continue building our energy, eating healthily, contemplating and processing the themes of our lives, and sharing ourselves with others through loving service all circulate energy.

It is in service to God, ourselves and others that we become a light being expressing more of the love and the light of God. 

I love getting a chiropractic adjustment for this reason. A chiropractic adjustment powers the body with the static energy already there. It gets blockages released and moving and allows healing energy to flow to our cells. 

Asking the questions like How am I in service to others and/or myself? How much am I allowing? every day crystallizes an energy vibration. It allows events that are congruent with your destiny to be delivered to you. 

Experiencing your life as a match to your vibration is a beautiful thing. The universe gives us a reflective mirror to show us how to increase our energy vibration. 

We are all vessels of this powerful substance called energy, and the real question is, how much are we allowing? It does not serve you, or anyone else, if you  only allow just a little of it to flow through you. It serves to allow more power to flow through you.

Many years ago, I made a decision to create and live an enlightened life full of energy. Having it all stems from a decision—the decision to be committed to being the energetic beings we were created to be. When we make this decision, this commitment, we draw a line in the sand we step over into the lives we have dreamed of, the lives where we are joyful, energetic, smiling, giving beings demonstrating the very best in us. Make a decision, a commitment, to be the best YOU now, to have and give it all.