The Mind-Body Connection - Part 1


In order to be truly health, the messages sent between your brain and body must be free from interference.  True health is not merely the absence of disease.

The connection between mind and body has been discussed ever since Hypocrites wrote,

“look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”  

The spine and nervous system is the vital link in the mind-body connection. Chiropractors have always understood the importance of this connection in relation to the well being of the whole person.

Your power plant, or fuse box, in your body is your nervous system.  It consists of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. Your spinal cord and peripheral nerves act like phone lines in the body, relaying messages from your brain to your body and vice versa.

Sounds simple enough, but what’s the connection?  The spine houses and protects this phone line. When health, impulses travel over this system at up to 325 miles per hour.  However, when the spine is injured from the birth process or other mental, chemical or physical stress, impulses die in a domino effect.

You now have static on the phone line.  Thus, interference occurs in the mind-body connection, which can produce adverse health conditions.  

I like to use the fuse box metaphor with my patients.  If you were in the bathroom and the power went out, what steps are you going to take to fix the situation?  Similarly, what steps are you going to take if a “fuse” has been blown in your spine and you aren’t achieving your total health?  The spine has 24 moveable vertebrae, and if these fuses are blown it can lead to sinus problems, headaches, high blood pressure and other diseases.

As a chiropractor, I use a unique approach that is nurturing and non-intrusive to the body.  This opens up the spine so that the nervous system and you can work better. My job is to find, release and monitor misalignments of the spine.  When I turn the power back on to that blown fuse, I’m restoring mind-body connection. I’ve discovered that my patients attain more energy, have fewer headaches, sleep better and have easier digestion.  

Remember, our spine is literally our mind-body connection.  Our health depends on this connection being clear. It’s all about making sure the full potential of our body is utilized.  Regular chiropractic care is the best way to connect the mind and body. It can improve the quality of our lives by tapping into our own energy for a better lifestyle.