What Achieving Success in Business Truly Requires



Are you truly healthy or just getting by?

This is the question I ask every one of my patients and most especially our patients who are business owners, managers, supervisors, and executives when they walk into Wagner Chiropractic.

Since I have been on an impassioned track for achieving success in my chiropractic practice and my entire life, I have learned a lot about how to feel good while you’re busy achieving success.

The balance you create in your life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) impacts your business. 

Essentially, your business is you! True health and vitality is balance in the mind, body, and spirit. If one area is out of balance, then other areas begin to break down.

There is a natural power or intelligence in each of us. This inborn intelligence or healing potential only needs to be accessed.

As someone once stated, “Nature needs no help; it just needs no interference.”

When we remove the obstacles that hinder our realizing the healing potential within, we are able to achieve balance in our lives.

Removing negative elements in our lives is as important as fighting others. This is an example of the path of least resistance.

At Wagner Chiropractic, we share a three dimensional approach to achieving balance, health and vitality in each aspect of your life. 

Our first objective is to assess the health of your physical body. The human body has an intense electrical wiring system full of accessible power through the channels of the brain and central nervous system. If this power is obstructed, we use the best ways for you to free up this healing power.

We also share the importance of detoxification and how to detoxify the body with nutrition in order to live a clean, balanced life.

The body is similar to business employees who work to keep all systems running in the organization. If some part of the company is shutting down, just like the failure of a particular function of our bodies, negative consequences occur like late deliveries,

lower sales and unhappy customers signaling the business is in trouble. For the physical body, negative consequences similarly begin to happen like lowered immune response, aches and pains, and even more serious sickness.

Our second objective is to evaluate aspects of the mind where we explore the importance of energy medicine such as the leading edge technology known as Electro-Meridian Imaging which we use to gauge your energy levels and flow.

We view the mind as similar to the CEO who has control of the company. The head of the organization must have clarity and power in order to be most effective. Similarly, proper unimpeded flow of energy throughout the body actually affects the mind enabling us to function in our work lives at much greater capacity and efficiency.

Our third objective is to get a general feel for your spiritual health where we examine the power of our dreams, for example. One’s spiritual aspect is like the overall packaging and feel of a business. In business, it’s the quality, energy, and feeling a company causes its customers to experience that sets it apart from its competitors. Realizing that a spiritual connection, whatever way that looks for each one of us, is grounding and a foundation for the health and vitality of all the other aspects of our lives.

If we have overworked our minds with workaholism at the expense of our bodies, for example, we won’t have sound health at all. If we spend all our time at the gym working on our physique, our spiritual development may begin to suffer.

We must have total health in our minds, bodies, and spirits in order to live lives of excellence. True and lasting success requires this balance.

We work individually with each one of our patients in a very customized way to help our patients acquire all aspects of health in balance and our patients find this process very awakening and rewarding.