1. Change your mindset about weight. Burn fat. Achieve your ideal weight and maintain it.

Depending on our age, our ideal weight may vary. It can be especially difficult to keep up with this using most standard weight loss plans. After reviewing many of these plans, there is one common and very important missing piece and it deals with how fat is actually broken down. This process takes place in the liver, and after losing about 15 pounds, all of the heavy metals like mercury, arsenic and lead deposited in the lost fat are left in the liver with no way of getting out. A huge key in weight loss is to detoxify the liver, expelling all these dangerous chemicals and heavy metals left behind. Detoxifying the liver can allow us to continue our weight loss plans to even better results.

2. End chronic pain and inflammation. Be pain-free and well-adjusted.

In chiropractic medicine we work with the nervous system, which includes your brain, spinal cord and its accompanying nerves. Chiropractic adjustments treat major obstacles to body functionality, such as spinal weaknesses and injuries. Regular treatments have even been shown to slow down or even stop arthritis in its tracks and allow your body to function at its optimal physical level! Most of our patients, once their treatment plan has concluded, choose to continue with regular chiropractic adjustments to maintain this optimal state, allowing them to remain pain-free and keep optimal energy for life!

3. Overcome weak links in your body. Develop spinal strength.

It’s no secret that some of our genetic factors can predispose us towards illnesses. Cardiovascular disease, for example, is more likely to occur in someone whose parent has dealt with the disease. Epigenetics is the science of disease prevention, and it can offer easy and affordable solutions to combat these predispositions. Most of us know if we eat fatty foods, are lacking in exercise and have the habit of smoking, we are at elevated risk for heart attack. However, just as we can turn genes on, we can also turn them off. Preventative medicine identifies your genetic predispositions to stop them before they can manifest. 

4. Upgrade your energy from low to high.

Oriental medicine has its rightful place in a holistic health practice. Because it is primarily concerned with the free flow of energy within the body which nourishes, revitalizes wherever it contacts, releasing obstructed energy circuits in the body is vital for ongoing, enduring vitality. In addition to acupuncture, Wagner Chiropractic employs several other methods all of which are non-invasive and very pleasant to experience.


5. Balance your hormones.

Our system of bloodwork uses a panel with a range running from one to four. Blood work results that are outside of this range, either below one or above four, are often classified as a disease. We should be aware, though, that there’s another, narrower range and it’s within this zone that you’re in the most optimal health. In this sweetspot, your body will run like a well-oiled machine. In our office, we input blood work into a leading edge computer algorithm. This process is called Functional Medicine, and it gives us all the information we need: what supplements are needed, how many should be taken, and when. Using this technique, we can bring blood chemistry into that sweetspot, making disease less likely to occur.