Fat Burning and Ideal Weight Program

Change your mindset about weight.    Burn fat.   Achieve your ideal weight and maintain it.

Sometimes we get so caught up with taking care of other people–even taking on their cares and worries–that we neglect our own needs such as balance, self-care, detoxification, and best eating practices. We also may not realize just how much our environment is contributing to the presence of pollutants like heavy metals in our bodies. Just like walking on bare earth is grounding, cleansing and healing, we can take advantage of leading edge ways to lighten up, detoxify, regain balance and ultimately heal our bodies of unwanted negative aggressors in our bodies.


When we talk about ideal weight,  for most people I think it kind of brings up the idea of weight loss and whether or not they’re overweight and how to lose weight.

One of the critical things for keeping weight off is to be ongoingly detoxifying your body.

The liver is where a lot of things are broken down and it’s also in the liver where toxins are stored or kept. So there’s a buildup over the years when you have taken in a lot of chemicals and if you don’t get them out and detoxify your liver it’s really hard to continue losing weight and feeling amazing. 

So one of the ways in my forties I’ve maintained an ideal weight is to, on a daily basis, do a chelation type of treatment where we pull out toxins. I pull out toxins from my own body.

So in the office we usually start that with a great lab. And what it does is it shows up to 23 heavy metals like lead and arsenic and mercury. And it tells us about whether those levels are high in your body. If they are that predisposes you to even diseases like cancer. [For example, there are] connections with aluminum and Alzheimer’s.


So to pull those things out of the body and also to help you maintain an ideal weight and continue to lose weight, to shed pounds, is I think critical to living a really amazing and vital life.


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The Fat Burning and Ideal Weight Program May Consist of:

  Click coupon above  to print and present on first visit

Click coupon above to print and present on first visit

  • Initial lab testing for glandular function
  • Adrenal and metabolic rate reset
  • Chiropractic adjustment series
  • Detoxification
  • Supplementation

Depending on the results of your health assessment and consultation with Dr. Wagner, the Fat Burning and Ideal Weight Program may also be combined with one or more other programs.