Bloodwork and Functional Medicine Program

Balance your hormones.

Blood gives us vital information, signs and markers about our health and vitality. We can use this information to make adjustments and changes for greater enjoyment of life because we feel more alive–in the same way earth gives birth to new life and supports it with its nutrients.


What I want people to know about nutrition and taking vitamins is there’s an easier way where you can have hand-tailored, high quality vitamins that are just right for you.

And how we do that is we order specific bloodwork that includes all these markers and in the markers there’s a range. For instance, sometimes there will be a 1 to 4 range as normal and if you’re below 1 or you’re greater than 4, what happens is we call it usually “disease” or we think of it as a dysfunction as a doctor.

But within the range of 1 to 4, there is actually a very very narrow range which is optimal and when your body can get into that range, you feel and look amazing. Things just sort of hum in your body. Your organs are healthy and everything is working together for a higher quality of life. 

To get into that range, what we do is we order specific bloodwork. We check these markers and we put them, whatever your numbers are, into a computer algorithm. That algorithm then generates a report and that report is really about functional medicine. And when we have that report we know exactly what kind of vitamins you should be taking and the amount, the quantity. And also then, we carry high quality vitamins that only doctors can order.

As your body gets into that more optimal range you just feel more amazing. It actually wards off disease and prevents other things from happening. 


So that is an amazing way to go and I invite you into that process of knowing exactly what you need to be taking.


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Bloodwork and Functional Medicine Program May Consist of:

  Click coupon above  to print and present on first visit

Click coupon above to print and present on first visit

Depending on the results of your health assessment and consultation with Dr. Wagner, the Bloodwork and Functional Medicine Program may also be combined with one or more other programs.