About Dr. Ramah


Dr. Ramah Wagner's Origin

Born in the state Chiropractic was discovered, Dr. Ramah Wagner was born into a family already working in natural healthcare. Her family often sought refuge in Florida from the frigid, snowy landscape of their home in Iowa. One of these winters, at 13 years of age, Ramah had an epiphany as she skipped down the old spanish brick roads of St. Augustine, Florida. It was in this spontaneous flash of thought that she realized her destiny–to become a chiropractor, practicing in the very state in which she was spending that winter.

After finishing high school, Ramah would continue her family’s legacy by attending Palmer College of Chiropractic, where her grandfather, father, and eldest brother had all graduated. Known as “The Fountainhead,” this would be this institution that began her path towards that childhood dream. She attended an arduous nine plus years of college, gathering knowledge in her field.

Dr. Ramah spent fifteen years working at her father’s clinic, and worked under several other doctors, seeing thousands of patients. The high volume of patients in a short time left Ramah wishing she had the time to really talk to her patients. With confidence and direction, Dr. Ramah drove her Honda to take what was one of the most difficult state board examinations in the the nation and passed with flying colors. In 2005, patients would pass through moving boxes into her fledgling office in beautiful Eustis, Florida. Wagner Chiropractic had been seeing thousands of patients a year for more than a decade now.

Dr. Ramah has authored an Amazon Bestselling book entitled, The Health of Business and has columned in Lake County, Florida's award-winning Healthy Living Magazine for two years, and was Health Editor for Central Florida's Velocity Magazine for four years. Dr. Ramah travels giving lectures to thousands people of all ages who are seeking healthy and and fulfilled lives. Dr. Ramah works in her full facility clinic in charming Eustis, Florida.

    Dr. Ramah Wagner's Academic Preparation

    • Pre-med program; University of Iowa
    • 1995—2000 Bachelor of Science; Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry,University of South Dakota
    • 2001—2004 Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic—Davenport, Iowa
    • 2002—2004 National Boards PartI-IV
    • 2004 Iowa Chiropractic Licensure
    • 2004 Florida Chiropractic Licensure
    • 2012 Fellowship in Acupuncture, International Academy of Medical Acupuncture, Carefree, AZ
    • 2014 Doctorate of Clinical Counseling, Shepherd's Care Bible College, Tampa, Florida

    Dr. Wagner's Certifications

    • Acupuncture; two years
    • Physio-therapy; two years
    • CLEAR Scoliosis; two and a half years; Dr. Wagner is one of only 50 people in the world with this qualification
    • Neurology education; 300 hours
    • Activator methods

    Seminars and Post-Graduate Studies

    Since 1994, Dr. Wagner has successfully completed more than 95 professional enrichment seminars and courses, obtaining certifications in those courses where certification is customarily awarded.

    Her post-graduate studies include:

    • Chiropractic neurology
    • Applied kinesiology
    • Pediatrics
    • Sacral occipital technique
    • Neuro-emotional technique
    • Extremity adjusting

    Teaching and Research Experience

    • 1995 studied human biology under Nobel Prize nominee
    • 1996 research assistant for University of Iowa’s Social Science Institute conducting surveys and compiling statistical data
    • 1997 research studies in biology for Briar Cliff College on “Flora and Fauna of the Black Hills”
    • 1999 philosophy tutor for University of South Dakota
    • 2000 biology senior research presentation to University of South Dakota Biology Research Board on “Pheromones”
    • 2004 Palmer College of Chiropractic case report on “Chiropractic’s Impact on the Autistic Child”
    • 2016 CLEAR Scoliosis Institute research papers on outcomes for clinical research

    Chiropractic Experience

    • 1990—2000 Wagner Chiropractic Clinic, Iowa—chiropractic assistant, therapy assistant, rehabilitation director, front desk, insurance and marketing
    • 2004 Associate Doctor and marketing director, Wagner Chiropractic, Sioux City, Iowa
    • 2004—2005 Associate Doctor, Hornback Chiropractic and Wellness, Bradenton, Florida
    • 2005—Present Owner/CEO Wagner Chiropractic, P.A. Rehabilitation and Wellness Eustis, Florida
    • Since the inception of Wagner Chiropractic in 2007, Dr. Ramah has performed approximately 1000 adjustments.

    Awards and Distinctions

    • 1995 Creative Writing Program for University of Iowa
    •  2002 Palmer Lyceum Design Award
    •  2003 Borders Bookstore Artist of the Month of June and July
    •  2005—2007 Columnist “Living in Balance” for Central Florida's award winning Healthy Living Magazine
    • 2006—2012 Contributing Health Editor, Central Florida's holistic Velocity Magazine
    • 2007—2009 Woman of Achievement Award, Business and Professional Women, Orlando
    • 2008 Published author of “The Health of Business: How to Balance Your Life for Greater Returns
    • 2008 Mentored and hired an associate doctor
    • 2009 Parker speaker and artist
    • 2012 Moved Wagner Chiropractic to a 3,000 sq. ft. facility with full rehab bay
    • 2015 International Award for Chiropractic Excellence
    • 2016 Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare—Top Chiropractor

    Dr. Ramah Wagner's personal journey from fibromyalgia to health and vitality

    Our Motivation

    We believe everyone has a dream. Maybe your dream is to run your own business, or maybe it’s to be a beautiful and in-shape wife and mother, or have the fitness to work hard, or maybe you are in the healing arts, too, and are feeling burned out. Maybe your life is doing what it is doing to most people and aging you from stress and your power and passion is melting away.

    Our job is to get you back in the game. Those that come to us and attend our workshops have a higher quality of life, more passion and more energy. We have found ways to help you have youth, vigor and more energy. And wne have also taken great pains to make it affordable for everyone.

    The question is: are you finally ready for ageless energy for life?

    The Skills We Offer

    As nervous system doctors, rather than back or spinal doctors, Chiropractors are tapping into the energy of the human body. Too much energy can cause pain and inflammation, while too little results in no energy.

    Dr. Ramah tapped into her father’s success, employing his successful 20-point inspection in her own practice, which yielded incredible results in helping patients decrease pain and feel great once again.

    Dr. Ramah’s grandfather also worked in energy medicine since the 1950s, learning that food allergies, toxins and emotional stresses reduce the body’s energy and developing techniques to treat these causes. Inspired by her heritage, Ramah continues to assist her patients reach the highest level of energy. Dr. Ramah listens to her patients to identify specific nutritional deficiencies, helping her patients experience their optimal energy level.


    Dr. Wagner's Community Activism

    • 1996 Iowa Chiropractic Society
    • 2003 World Counsel of Chiropractic Students, member and sponsor
    • 2004—Present Florida Chiropractic Association and Florida Chiropractic Society member
    • 2004 Big Brother, Big Sister
    • 2005—Present Chamber of Commerce memberships: Eustis, Mount Dora, Tavares, East Lake, Florida
    • 2005—Present Speaker at Chamber of Commerce meetings