More than a doctor's office.


More than a typical chiropractic doctor's office, Wagner Chiropractic is a well rounded center for healing. In addition to complete state-of-the-art facilities for chiropractic diagnosis and treatment, we have created a holistic environment that supports your health and vitality goals. This uplifting environment also includes Dr. Wagner's Signature 5 Elements for Health and Vitality, plus very specialized modalities such as  CLEAR scoliosis and spinal decompression for disc injuiry, physiotherapy including a bay for faster injury recovery, on site digital X-rays, spinal decompression for disc problems, nutrition counseling and supplements on-site, massage therapy, and a yoga loft with classes.

We believe that vitality on every level is an exciting journey of self-healing and we do everything to ensure an enriching experience for you. Wagner Chiropractic is a truly holistic center where you can realign your mind and body so you can feel good once again.


Are you unsure if you need chiropractic care? Take the quiz below.

  • Do you have neck and/or back pain for longer than 20 minutes per day?
  • Do you get more than one headache per week?
  • Do you take over-the-counter medications more than once a week?
  • Have you been in a motor vehicle accident over 35 mph?
  • Are you younger than 40 and experience chronic back pain?

If you answered "yes" to any question above, you could well benefit from receiving holistic chiropractic care.

Contact our office to schedule your free consult with Dr. Wagner plus receive a free half hour massage whether or not you pursue healthcare at Wagner Chiropractic.


Maybe you were referred to us and have questions, concerns, even some fears.

Let's address the elephant in the room. If you're reading this, you may have some apprehension about chiropractic care. Nevertheless, you were led here, perhaps serendipitously, so let's take a good hard look.

The purpose of this site is to provide a real clear picture not just of chiropractic care but the kind of holistic care you'll receive from Dr. Wagner so that you can make a very informed healthcare decision.

With today's information explosion, with it comes misinformation, but it can be hard to tell the difference. There are a lot of misconceptions about chiropractic care based on assumptions, misstatements and erroneous assumptions. Believing in myths or misinformation can actually be a deterrent to what might otherwise be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

If you were referred to Wagner Chiropractic by someone you know, there's a very good reason. We hope you asked your friend or loved one why he or she feels Wagner Chiropractic is right for you. Chances are their experiences at our center are very similar to the ones shared by our patients which for many are virtual miracle stories. You can read them here to get an idea of what's possible for you at Wagner Chiropractic. But if you're still not sure, even after perusing our website, we urge you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Wagner and receive as a bonus gift to you, a complimentary half hour massage in-house with one of the finest massage therapists we have worked with.

To answer your questions and concerns, please go here where we've answered a list of commonly asked questions about chiropractic care.