Spinal Rehab and Strength Program

Overcome weak links in your body.   Develop your spinal strength to support a strong and pain-free life.

Enjoy the feeling of being well supported by your spine and skeletal system–and strong as metal.


I think it’s really important that people know that with sports injuries and even with back pain and back problems is that they need to have a rehabilitation program that’s combined with a chiropractic adjustment.

So a lot of times we think we’re very fit. We’re at the gym. We’re working out. And then we go to just life something or pick something and our spine gets injured. That’s because often in the spine there are weak links that we aren’t even aware of. In some of the programs here we want to find those weak links and make sure we rehabilitate the spine and the muscles, ligaments and tissue around those weak links. 

In our office, we have a full rehabilitation bay. Some of the passive type of modalities that we use are cold laser or even interferential current therapy or Russian muscle stem. And the treatments are very short. They’re under fifteen minutes.


And then we move our patients into active rehabilitation in those six weeks that they’re under treatment and what can happen is they can regain the strength of the supporting muscles and ligaments around the spine and therefore return to all those amazing activities and not keep reinjuring their spine.



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The Spinal Rehab and Strength Program May Consist of:

  Click coupon above  to print and present on first visit

Click coupon above to print and present on first visit

Depending on the results of your health assessment and consultation with Dr. Wagner, the Spinal Rehab and Strength Program may also be combined with one or more other programs.