Yoga and Meditation for Kids: Helps with Concentration, Focus and Listening

Mondays @ 3:30pm • 55 minutes • $15 per class

Kids have an awful lot of energy and it needs to be channeled properly for best effect in their schoolwork, for your family life and their overall well-being and development. Even children displaying a great deal of frenetic energy can, over time, learn to channel their energy constructively. Whatever space your child is in, yoga can be a supportive and effective influence in his or her life and in yours whether you pursue yoga yourself or not!

Yoga, meditation and chiropractic for kids will make a positive impact on your entire family.

  • More balanced behavior in the family and in social settings like school
  • Improved concentration for studying, paying attention in class, completing and excelling at exams
  • Makes the child more aware of the mind-body connection
  • Greater degree of creativity
  • More developed sense of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline
  • An increased experience of self-discovery
  • Strengthened immune system and improved posture, coordination and balance
  • Enhanced sense of values like non-violence and "no harm," honesty and truthfulness, moderation and balance, cleanliness, reverence for life, and appreciation.

Please visit the yoga loft at Wagner Chiropractic Mondays at 5 p.m. and bring your children. They will be treated to yoga and meditation with a carefully chosen yoga instructor trained in guiding children through yoga. Please feel free to join in the class. Classes are $15 per person.

We look forward to seeing you and your kids on Monday!


Learn more about how yoga at Wagner Chiropractic can amplify your increasing wellness and state of mind. Click here.


Adult Yoga Class

Mondays @ 6:30pm • 75 minutes • $15 per class

Complete the picture of your health and vitality lifestyle by pursuing your own yoga practice. Our yoga instructor is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher® with more than 200 hours training.

The benefits yoga offers are beyond rewarding.

  • An evening out of unpleasant, irritable, short-fused temperament; helps to maintain the nervous system
  • Restoration of a supreme sense of serenity as tensions are released, stress melts away and worries along with it
  • Improved self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and self-awareness
  • Sharper concentration, memory and mental faculties
  • Greater creativity and productivity
  • Stronger body (muscles, bones, organs, gland, tissues), immune system and resistance to disease; improved muscle tone and natural protection from injury
  • Better fluid circulation including blood and lymph so necessary for defying the physical effects of aging
  • Better regulation of blood sugar levels
  • Improved cardio-vascular health
  • Improved digestion and elimination 
  • Enhanced flexibility of the spine and entire body along with improved, stronger posture and greater ability to balance
  • More developed ability to breathe fully thereby providing much needed oxygen throughout the body for health
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • More balanced metabolism and weight
  • Helps to address pain
  • Assistance in conquering addictions
  • Enhanced ability to fall asleep and sleep well

Chair Yoga Class

Mondays @ 6:30pm • 75 minutes • $15 per class

Most yoga poses can be easily modified for chair yoga when floor exercises are not yet possible. Your body will still receive all the benefits of yoga.

Back and Core Strengthening Yoga Class

Mondays @ 6:30pm • 75 minutes • $15 per class

Yoga strives for a balance between softness and strength. In yoga, the goal is to develop the transversus abdominis (TvA), the deepest layers of abdominal muscles that run along the spine, far more than the rectus abdominis, the surface abdominal muscles, so that the belly is soft and supple thereby allowing the flow of breath and energy throughout the body. Develop your TvAs and enjoy strong posture and core.