yoga — alignment of mind and body

We invite you to join us in our intimate yoga setting we call the “yoga loft” upstairs at Wagner Chiropractic where a well trained yoga instructors await your participation. Yoga, core strengthening and meditation have the potential to amplify the outstanding wellness results you are already achieving in your holistic healthcare downstairs. Top off your treatment with the ultimate serenity experience accomplished at your own pace and ability. Neither age nor size matters. Yoga for children and chair yoga for aging adults are also offered. Classes are $15 per person.


The types of yoga we offer at the yoga loft

  • core strengthening yoga to assist with low back pain relief
  • hatha: a yoga system of physical postures and breathing practices
  • meditation: the mind and spirit being vital components of the whole being, an atmosphere conducive to stress-release and serenity is established as the instructor leads the students through a guided journey of inner self-discovery
  • kids: similar to hatha yoga and with an emphasis on channeling energy for balanced temperament and performance at home and school and in relationships with self and others. 
  • chair: physical postures performed while seated in a chair and at one's own pace for those who find floor exercise too challenging


Often, with no more than five to ten minutes of meditation, amazing peace and resilience can be ours for the day. We will often find ourselves achieving more in less time while unencumbered by the ravages of stress. 

Dr. Wagner has developed her meditation practice having learned from many great teachers of meditation. She has learned methods of meditation from all over the world including India, the first Zen center in the U. S., and the Chopra Center led by Deepak Chopra, MD. She is a firm believer in the benefits to well-being which meditation and yoga offer.

The meditation group at Wagner Chiropractic is free to attend and is offered twice monthly by Dr. Ramah Wagner herself.

The benefits of meditation include:

  • greater productivity and time management in the rest of your day
  • increased creativity
  • a balancing of unbalanced emotions and feelings
  • the ability to respond rather than react
  • an enhanced sense of well-being
  • personal serenity
  • the garnering of inner wisdom
  • self-confidence
  • joy

How Yoga Will Help Sustain the Wellness You Achieve at Wagner Chiropractic

The origins of yoga can be traced back to at least 5,000 years.

The stretching exercises are not modern. Yoga is actually composed of quite ancient postures, each with its own descriptive name in the ancient language of India known as Sanskrit. Yoga Journal explains:

Sanskrit, the Indo-European language of the Vedas, India's ancient ... texts, gave birth to both the literature and the technique of yoga.  –Mara Carrico, "A Beginner’s Guide to the History of Yoga," Yoga Journal
  • The comforting child’s pose is called balasana.
  • The standing hand to big toe pose is known as padangusthasana in yoga.
  • The sitting cobbler pose is baddha konasana.
  • Yoga calls head to knee forward bend janu sirsasana.
  • The king dancer pose is natarajasana in yoga.

These are only five yoga postures that people do every day all over the world often not realizing their ancient origin. It doesn’t really matter. The point is that these ancient yoga postures are healing, corrective, balancing, and rejuvenating.

They can be done in many variations from the easy to the difficult depending on your ability level. In yoga, your level of ability also doesn’t matter. You will receive the same benefit as a beginner performing an easier modified version of the post as the advanced yogi. That is the beautiful thing about yoga.

Yoga aims to achieve physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual benefits. What is shared is the peaceful philosophy utilizing breathing techniques while stretching that yoga is known for.

Yoga postures (also known as asanas) can help us achieve all sorts of physical benefits such as:

  • opening of the hips
  • soothing of lower back pain
  • strengthening of the arms
  • overall flexibility
  • increased muscle tone
  • more balanced metabolism
  • greater cardiovascular health
  • higher levels of energy and vitality
  • improved ability to fall asleep and sleep well
  • greater immunity
  • enhanced ability to repel stress
  • more peaceful demeanor and behavior

And this is the short list.