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Get the Facts About Chiropractic–Not the Myths

Let's address any possible fears or concerns you may have so you can discover if chiropractic is right for you.


Maybe someone told you about us or you found Wagner Chiropractic on your own.

Chances are, you have questions before you make an appointment and that's perfectly understandable. 

We have an excellent collection of objective third party resources and information at this page on our site so you can make an informed choice. Take the quick quiz at our Facts and Myths page to see if chiropractic can benefit you.


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Achieve Vibrant Health and Vitality Through Dr. Wagner's Signature 5 Elements

Where a 3,000 year time honored philosophy of medicine meets modern health wisdom and technologies











The Element of FIRE – Fat Burning and Ideal Weight

Get your fire back.

Sometimes we get so caught up with taking care of other people–even taking on their cares and worries–that we neglect our own needs such as balance, self-care, detoxification, and best eating practices. We also may not realize just how much our environment is contributing to the presence of pollutants like heavy metals in our bodies. Just like walking on bare earth is grounding, cleansing and healing, we can take advantage of leading edge ways to lighten up, detoxify, regain balance and ultimately heal our bodies of unwanted negative aggressors in our bodies.

When we talk about ideal weight, [for] most people I think it kind of brings up the idea of weight loss and whether or not they’re overweight and how to lose weight. One of the critical things for keeping weight off is to be ongoingly detoxifying your body...

The Element of WOOD — Be Pain-Free and Well Adjusted

Get rooted in good health and flexibility.

Be able to move pain-free through your days with ease, effortlessness and freedom–just like the tree grows upright to the sky.

"I think it’s important to remember that 'pain-free' is possible. So many people don’t know that and they live in some form of moderate or severe pain. Patients come to me in that state when they’re really hurting and a lot of times, as I dig in their case history, they talk about how they’re overusing acetaminophen or ibuprofen to just get by and live..."

The Element of METAL — Spinal Strength and Rehab


Cultivate the ability to have breath.

Enjoy the feeling of being well supported by your spine and skeletal system–and strong as metal.

I think it’s really important that people know that with sports injuries and even with back pain and back problems is that they need to have a rehabilitation program that’s combined with a chiropractic adjustment. So a lot of times we think we’re very fit. We’re at the gym. We’re working out. And then we go to just life something or pick something and our spine gets injured.

The Element of WATER — Acupuncture and Energy Medicine

Allow the silent movement of energy–the quiet force in the body.

We are actually more than meets the eye. As much as we are physical, we are beings of unseen energy (chi) and vibration. Vibration and energy are our foundation from which our physical lives blossom and generate even more chi and its unimpeded flow. This allowance of the flow of energy throughout the body is like the neverending flow of water.

So I think a great life requires great energy and what’s important about that is that you are able to tap into your energy systems of the body. You know, when I was trained in acupuncture, a lot of it was about deficiencies or excesses and even through the adjustment the body then regulates the energy imbalances...

The Element of EARTH — Optimize Your Vitality with Blood Work and Functional Medicine

Receive a quiet rebuilding of the organ systems.


Blood gives us vital information, signs and markers about our health and vitality. We can use this information to make adjustments and changes for greater enjoyment of life because we feel more alive–in the same way earth gives birth to new life and supports it with its nutrients.

What I want people to know about nutrition and taking vitamins is there’s an easier way where you can have hand-tailored, high quality vitamins that are just right for you. And how we do that is we order specific bloodwork that includes all these markers and in the markers there’s a range. For instance, sometimes there will be a 1 to 4 range as normal and if you’re below 1 or you’re greater than 4, what happens is we call it usually “disease” or we think of it as a dysfunction as a doctor...

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