Massage Therapy in Eustis

“Chiropractic and massage therapy work effectively together to solve a whole host of health challenges. Not only can a number of issues be reversed but vital energy you lost by having to deal with spinal distress is reinvigorated.”



  • decreased muscle tension
  • enhanced flexibility
  • enriched ability to manage various forms of stress
  • improved blood pressure level
  • reduced pain and swelling
  • diminished tension and strain of whiplash-related injuries
  • decreased occurrence of headaches
  • improved posture

How Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Create the Ultimate Synergistic Benefit to You

Chiropractic and massage therapy in Eustis complement each other. Both assist people to achieve greater mobility and range of motion; both are excellent healing therapies. Both help prevent injuries and improve overall vitality and wellness.

Massage and chiropractic together provide relief from auto accident and sports injuries and virtually all other injuries that happen in the course of daily life. Massage and chiropractic together stimulate the immune system and circulation of body fluids like blood and lymph. Massage and chiropractic together assists your body to use its own vital energy to heal itself.

When massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments are offered in tandem with each other, a synergistic benefit occurs where 1 + 1 = 3! Massage therapy actually increases the success of chiropractic treatments.

Though the benefits from both massage and chiropractic may overlap somewhat, the two therapies are distinctly different. Massage therapy fundamentally reduces overall muscle soreness while helping to improve vitally necessary circulation throughout the body. Chiropractic adjustments focus on achieving proper joint function and on reducing inflammation and pain around the joint.

The muscles and tendons which are the object of massage therapy are merged with the chiropractic’s object, the skeleton. Together they achieve optimal mobility.

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Massage before a chiropractic adjustment
You can optimize the success of your chiropractic adjustments by releasing tension and pressure in target areas through massage’s soft tissue therapy because the muscles are made softer to more efficiently and openly facilitate the spinal adjustment.

Imagine. If your body is very stiff, it may tend to resist your chiropractic adjustment. Once you and your entire body become relaxed by massage, adjustment and alignment are made easier.

Most people are under a great deal of physical and mental stress and massage therapy is widely known as extremely beneficial to help relieve these challenges. You can be healthy in every other way but find you are experiencing pain caused by tightness and stress. Massage is an excellent preparation for your chiropractic adjustment.

Massage after a chiropractic adjustment
Sometimes muscles have a tendency to restrict joint movement and may pull the joints out of place after an adjustment. Massage after an adjustment can help get your muscles used to your newly achieved and healthy body position and movement. If you’ve received chiropractic because of an injury, a post-adjustment massage can help speed your recovery. It can also help soothe the occasional peripheral soreness that may occur after an adjustment.

Massage and chiropractic adjustment in tandem or interchangeably
Massage and chiropractic care can be effective when regularly enjoyed either in unison or interchangeably, however receiving spinal adjustments and massage in tandem will offer you your greatest rewards.

Chiropractic and massage therapy together will benefit your entire nervous system as well as improve joint mobility and ease muscle tension, ligaments and fascia. Combining both therapies is an excellent strategy for managing physical, mental and emotional stresses which actually often shows up as subluxation (misalignment of vertebrae) and muscle tension in your body.

Manual therapy or massage therapy?
Chiropractors often employ a technique known as manual therapy which is not the same as massage therapy. Manual therapy employs either trigger point therapy or a technique known as active release.

In trigger point therapy one portion of the dysfunctional muscle is localized and ischemic compression (where blockage of blood in an area of the body is deliberately made, so that a resurgence of local blood flow will occur upon release) is applied to restore function.

Active release technique strips the muscle from any present muscle adhesions which may be causing tightness or restriction.


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