Suffering From Scoliosis in Eustis?

“Dr. Wagner’s Office is one of approximately 50 CLEAR Scoliosis Centers in the United States and around the world. She has been trained to understand every aspect of how scoliosis affects the body. She has dedicated many years towards developing her understanding of scoliosis, and actively participates in research and ongoing efforts that help CLEAR improve the level of service provided by all CLEAR Certified Doctors.

She is a perfect example of what being a CLEAR scoliosis chiropractor in Eustis means; caring about people living with scoliosis, and providing them with true hope and healing.”


How to know if you or your child or teenager has scoliosis:

  • You observe a noticeable change in posture or symmetry of back, shoulders, shoulder blades or hips has developed.
  • Clothing begins to hang unevenly on the body.
  • You notice the ribs or should blade protrude more on one side of the back than the other side.
  • The ribs or shoulder blade stick out more on one side of the back than the other.
  • The arms are being held rigidly by the side while walking.
  • There is a reduced ability to balance the body with eyes closed.**

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral or sideways curvature of the spine. Scoliosis occurs most often during the growth spurt just before puberty. Many cases of scoliosis can be considered to be mild resulting in very few uncomfortable symptoms however some young people develop spinal deformities that can become more severe, painful and disabling as they grow into adulthood. This type of scoliosis is known as idiopathic**scoliosis meaning the cause of the curvature is unknown and it accounts for approximately 80% of diagnosed cases.

The Clear Scoliosis Institute concludes that this type of scoliosis seems to be the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors. A still newer hypothesis points to a disorder in which the brain is not communicating properly with the muscles responsible for posture, balance and coordination.

When scoliosis was first identified, the medical profession did not establish that health problems or pain could result from it. Throughout the years, medical schools taught this to their doctors and many doctors still believe this today.

Recent research proves this is not true. Even mild cases of scoliosis can impact the body’s ability to exercise and perform at peak capacity.

Secondly, neck, back, hip, leg and foot pain can occur caused by spinal imbalance and overworked muscles.

Chiropractors understand that the nerves leading from the brain to the organs run through the spine, therefore spinal problems like scoliosis may cause problems for the organs. The following issues are some of the side effects of scoliosis:

  • impaired lung function
  • headaches
  • neck, back, leg pain
  • trouble sleeping
  • muscle tension
  • difficulties with digestion and bowel function
  • irregular menstrual cycles

How Dr. Wagner Can Help Reverse Scoliosis
One of only 40 CLEAR certified doctors in the U. S., Dr. Wagner uses the CLEAR

scoliosis-specific protocol in clinical use since 2000.

The CLEAR protocol shows much greater promise than past or typical forms of treatment such as bracing, surgery, regular chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, yoga and the very ineffective watch-x-ray-wait approach.

CLEAR treatment begins with a complete physical examination and a battery of x-rays which Dr. Wagner uses to individualize a treatment plan specific to her patient. No two treatment plans are alike!

Treatment sessions last approximately two hours, and consist of three phases, informally termed, “Mix, Fix, and Set.”

The Mix Phase
This first phase prepares the body for treatment and consists of warm-up exercises, massage, and other therapies all of which are designed to relax the muscles and the spine.

The Fix Phase
The second phase of treatment involves specialized chiropractic adjustments that do not involve any rotation or twisting of the head. Instead, Dr. Wagner uses mechanical adjusting instruments that will provide a gentle, precise correction to the curve, the back, hips, and other areas.

The Set Phase
The third phase involves performing the following specialized exercises for posture, balance, and coordination. These exercises activate specific muscle groups along the spine and precise areas of the brain in order to positively affect how the brain and the body work together so that a balanced, more natural body position can be achieved.

  • Spinal Mobility Stretching exercises performed in a special chair
  • Gentle Spinal Traction in a standing position with the patient in control; it is designed to relax the spine and encourage disc health
  • Vibration Therapy on a specifically designed table whose vibrational frequency has a relaxing effect on the collagen comprising intervertebral discs, tendons and ligaments
  • “Tapotement” Massage Therapy performed by hand and with the aid of a percussive device on specific muscles to deeply relax spinal cord muscles
  • Eckard Flexion/Distraction Therapy specifically designed to straighten to scoliotic spine
    special three dimensional chiropractic adjustments according to the CLEAR protocol
  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy on a specially designed table with weights and cantilevers positioned under the body to help improve how the scoliosis patient will balance and react to gravity
  • Scoliosis Traction Chair*** (developed by the CLEAR Scoliosis Institute) where the spine is gently de-rotated, elongated and straightened while the patient performs prescribed exercises designed to effectively work in tandem with the chair
  • CLEAR Specific Spinal Isometric Rehabilitation Exercises which are performed without motion both in the clinic and at home

The ScoliBrace™
Both adults and children with idiopathic scoliosis and curves between 20 and 60 degrees can be successfully and effectively treated with the super corrective ScoliBrace which can also be used with non-idiopathic scoliosis patients.

Scolibrace works by guiding the body and spine into a posture opposite to the shape of the curve of the spine. Easy to wear and remove without assistance, it opens and closes at the front and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Curve reduction can be achieved in the majority of cases while improving improving rib humping, shoulder levels and the overall appearance of the body.

Dr. Wagner will assist help you get a ScoliBrace if it is warranted by your treatment program.


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