5 Raw Elements to Health and Vitality in Eustis

Become Pain Free & Well Adjusted

Enjoying your life in your body. The wood element is a symbol of life at its strongest. It represents growth, flexibility, and strength. When your wood element is unbalanced, you feel pain and stiffness in your bones, joints and muscles. Chronic pain and information leads to imbalances in the other elements of the body. Overtime, the brain and nervous system has all kinds of problems and a myriad of diseases if not taken care of.

I think it is important to remember "pain-free" is possible. So many people don't know that they live in some form of moderate or severe pain and they don't have to!

Achieve Your Ideal Weight & Fat Burning

Mastering the game of food.v The fire element is about burning away toxins and residual chemicals our body has accumulated. When we can decompose our wastes and purify our body, our system is increased.

We bath in water that contains heavy metals like arsenic and we eat foods that contain mercury. These heavy metals are not able to leave out body. They build up in our stored fat and liver. It is in the liver where we can break down fat when we are on a weight loss program. These toxic loads can cause many diseases and are known to cause cancer. When we stabilize our energy lands, the adrenals & thyroid, we can harness the FIRE power of our body fueling us for maximized energy.

When we talk about ideal weight, for most people i think it brings up the idea of weight loss and whether or not they are overweight. One of the critical things to keeping weight off is to be ongoingly detoxifying your body and maintain your thyroid and adrenals.


Maintain Spinal Strength and Rehab

Do whatever you want without getting hurt. Metal represents spinal strength and support to live life fully. When we overcome our weak links in our spine we are able to do what we want, when we want, without fearing living our adventures. When we have identified our weak links, which usually have accompanying spinal decay or arthritis. We can stop progression of arthritis and minimize the damage and prevent future injuries.

I think it is really important that people know that with sports injuries, even with back pain and back problems, is that they need to have a rehabilitation program that's combined with a chiropractic adjustment. So, a lot of times we think we're very fit. We're at the gym. We're working out. And then we go to just lift something or pick something up and our spine gets injured.

Being in the Flow & Fully Utilizing Our Energy

Flip negative thinking into positive living. The water element symbolizes the passive and receptive side of our nature. Throughout our lives we go through a wide variety of experiences. Some of the more difficult moments are not always processed completely. This leaves us with unfinished memories that have not come to full "wholeness" and understanding. When it comes to painful events of our past, we often negative habits that cause us to have sickness and disease later in life. Sometimes the unprocessed memories make our bodies sick. Healing these negative memories restores good health and enhances our vitality.

When i was trained in acupuncture, a lot of it was about deficiencies or excesses. With the adjustment the body regulates imbalances. And, by finding the deconstructive belief and transforming the energy, we can upgrade our energy from negative to positive.

Optimize Bloodwork & Use Functional Medicine

Getting optimal performance from your body. Earth is an element that contains all the nutrients to grow and sustain life. The soil of the earth contains all the riches we have on planet earth, like diamonds, gold and silver. When the earth is rich it nurtures the health of the plants and the fruit, and then contains the best of the plant. We also need to nourish our bodies, especially the organ systems to maximize our health and vitality. When we lack certain pre-cursors or when our depleted organs are not fed the things they need, disease begins

What i would want people to know is through bloodwork we can actually see if your body is in thew optimal range. if it is, you run like a well-oiled machine.


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