Chiropractic Testimonials


“About 20 years ago, I started noticing stiffness in my neck and the base of my spine. This stiffness became progressively worse. Of particular concern was my inability to turn my head to either side while driving. I scheduled my first appointment and have continued bi-weekly treatments ever since. I’ve been under Dr. Wagner’s care for eight years, and x-rays of my neck taken in 2006 and 2014 are identical. That means I’ve been able to live seven years with no further deterioration.”

- Peter B.

“I travel almost an hour one way to see Dr. Ramah for adjustments. She does the best adjustments I have had in years.”

- May R.

“Arm numbness and pain affected my life so much I could hardly hold my pencil to write at work. Dr. Wagner gave me neck adjustments and put me on a specialized rehabilitation program. The adjustments are the best I have ever had, and I have been going to chiropractors for years! I am writing better and have no more headaches! It feels wonderful.”

- Kathy K.

“Thank you for everything you did for Fran, Dr. Wagner. We really appreciate your expertise in fixing his back.”

- Dale M.

“I had pain in my lower back on and off for 30 years. I was used to big guys adjusting me in Indiana so I wasn’t sure if Dr. Wagner would get it, she was so little. When my back locks up I can’t bend and sometimes I can’t even walk. Dr. Wagner gave me an adjustment, and when I got up, I knew I was fixed. That afternoon all the pain was gone!”

- William M.

“I often suffer from severe neck pain. I just want to thank you for being such a blessing to me on Friday and always. You have blessed me so much.”

- Gena

“Treating my whole back pain, you have made a difference in my life.”

- Cora V.

“When I first came to Wagner Chiropractic, I was in severe pain. Four weeks later, I feel absolutely wonderful. My body is more functional as a result of the spinal adjustments. Dr. Wagner has improved my health physically, and even spiritually and mentally. I feel a great sense of well-being. We’ve just done super great stuff!! She is the best!!!”

- Doreen N.


“Today is my fourth treatment and I feel great. I had a hip replacement and over time I had thrown my lower back out. I bowl and it hurt so much, I had a limp. This Wednesday night I bowled with no pain. I feel good and am anxious to start my life now. Good work, Dr. Wagner.”

- Ethel M.


“After only two sessions with Dr. Ramah. I suddenly realized one night while laying in bed that I was laying with my hands behind my head, fingers intertwined and relaxing. I had not been able to do that since my riding injury more than five years ago. Many other wondrous things have happened since I began coming to Dr. Ramah, and I’m still a newbie!”

- Terry H.


“After visiting Dr. Ramah, I feel more energized and not as fatigued while working 12-14 hour days.”

- Dave R.

“I could not sleep at night because of neck and back pain. I had no energy to get up in the morning to go to work which made me irritable. Since seeing Dr. Wagner I now can sleep well. I have more energy and I look forward to spare time activities. I find even at 56 that I feel younger and ready to tackle any challenge that comes along.”

- Nancy M.


“I used to wake up every morning with a headache so I started visiting Dr. Wagner for the headaches and tension tightness in the back of my neck. After Dr. Wagner adjusted me with a specialized adjustment, from that point forward I haven’t had a headache anytime since. I’ve slept better than I have in years! WOW!”

- Sonny H.

“My headaches and occipital neuralgia were so debilitating, it took away everything in my life. I used to fish, and it even took that enjoyment away. I saw every kind of doctor including vascular surgeons and neurosurgeons. Then I came to Dr. Wagner. She knew exactly what the problem was. and after only four or five adjustments I have moments where I am down to minimal pain. I am going bass fishing with my wife tomorrow. She is so excited!”

- Wayne P.


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