Fundamentals on Achieving Peak Condition


Men's plates are full. Busy with career, raising a family or getting to the point where they can even entertain the idea of raising a family, are very demanding propositions. With the world of today running at faster and faster speeds, men might be wise to intentionally slow down and pay attention to their own vitality and well-being. How can a man become his best so that he always has the best to offer? What helps a man become his best? What does ‘best’ mean?

‘One’s best’ is defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary as:

“the peak of condition; the highest standard or level that a person or thing can reach.”

The peak of condition can mean many things but I think we can all agree that it includes at the very least physical and mental condition. 

A few years ago, I set out to discover all I could about the vast subject of men reaching their peak condition and achieving excellent holistic health.

I created a survey with one of Canada’s top female doctors, Dr. Janice Hughes, which would be just the beginning of my search to find out about what men need to stay healthy. 

After knocking on over 600 doors in my off time, I discovered some simple awarenesses about men and health. 

The core awareness was that it was very challenging to capture many men’s attention long enough to be able to even place some information into their hands and minds about self-care.

Many men all too often only pay attention to their health when a crisis arises and they have no choice other than to seek medical attention and yield to its advice.

Having adjusted a number of powerful businessmen in my office, I realize that men desire, in fact, demand immediate health results. This is understandable considering their upbringing in our society and for many of them, their very position in the family structure which can be rigorously challenging and unrelenting.

The contrast of how women view health and self-care further teaches us so much about men’s view of it. Women see having a beautiful body is a lifelong process and can be content with building on their well-being day by day. Men want to see results now!

Since achieving one’s best or peak condition is not ever achieved overnight, perhaps a good course to take is to adopt a long term goal while rewarding one’s self incrementally all along the way whenever certain and many milestones are achieved.

This brings in the best of both worlds!

Resolving to be as proactive as possible to prevent health challenges and injuries will not only save time and anguish, it will save money, too. 

Being proactive by setting long term peak condition goals, creating a structure or program of ongoing self-care and rewarding one’s self all along the way will pave the road to spectacular health.

The first two arenas worthy of men’s focus are exercise and weight. It’s really vital that men strike a balance with both of these in order to feel and look their best always.

Perhaps some of these exercise examples leading to achieving one’s best will work for you:

If you experience work-related stress, you could reduce it by exercising. Make sure the exercise you choose is fun for you otherwise you won’t pursue it.

  •     walk a treadmill
  •     go to the gym to exercise (and make new friends, too)
  •     play weekly basketball or touch football with friends
  •     go jogging
  •     take daily walks
  •     do calisthenics

With any of these, you can satisfy short and long term health and fitness goals.

Paying attention to weight is an important factor, too. I don’t know many men willing to eat veggie burgers but a physician I know highly recommends following the South Beach diet. Developed by Arthur Agatston, it emphasizes eating high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, and lean protein, and categorizes carbohydrates and fats as "good" or “bad."

And for a real jumpstart on dieting for weight loss and maintenance, I start my patients on the Atkins nutritional approach. The Atkins diet is classified as a low-carbohydrate diet.

For some men dieting may cause them to eat even more. In this case, I suggest outdoors grill nights with the family centered on protein-based foods. It’s quite simple to find great ways to get healthy. It just takes a little creativity.