Tap Your Troubles Away


How Neuro Emotional Technique Non-Invasively Offers a Way Out of Recurring Physical Challenges

Research shows that more than 85 percent of all illness is caused by an underlying emotional issue which we may not have recognized and even if recognized, we have not come to terms with. If this statistic is true, then those inner dark negative emotional areas in our lives may be the instigating cause of the outward physical symptoms we often struggle with. The good news is there is a non-invasive technique proven to be very effective with addressing underlying negative emotions.

We don’t always look beyond the surface to ask ourselves important questions that may give us clues on how to prevent or mitigate certain physical challenges to our health.

  • Are there areas in your life in which you are fearful? Are you experiencing patterns of feeling stuck and/or paralyzed?
  • Do you constantly feel stressed out or overwhelmed?
  • Do you withhold expressing grief, sadness, resentment or anger? 
  • Do you often engage in negative self talk like, “I’ll never get that promotion,” or “I’m always screwing up?”

These types of emotions, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs can actually hold us back in our work, careers and relationships. They can also affect important decisions we make or neglect to make in life. 

In Chinese medicine, physical illness is believed to be caused by disturbances in the body’s meridian system, one of three energy systems in the body. In this modality, emotions are energy in motion. People used to think that emotions resided entirely in the brain. According to Chinese medicine, negative emotions become trapped in the physical body.

Now we also know that other parts of the body can hold emotional charges, too. For instance, grief and sadness become trapped in the lungs, while anxiety and shutting down (non-thinking and non-emotive) become lodged in the heart. 

I am licensed to perform a post-graduate technique called Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a scientific method that uses acupuncture meridians, chiropractic and breathing techniques to assist patients to let go of emotional stress. This is a natural non-invasive healing method for both mind and body. 

Through a routine of simple tapping on a series of specific sites on the body, the lodged energy or trapped emotions become unstuck and are allowed to flow freely again. This treatment is safe and effective and is backed by 30 years of scientific research. I love seeing changes in my patients who go from being sick, exhausted and depressed to happy, healthy and invigorated. 

According to the founder of NET, Scott Walker, DC, who attended the same Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa that I did summarizes NET this way:

  • NET is a psychosomatic/somatopsychic stress reduction intervention aimed at emotional and physical health improvement.
  • NET is a neuro-emotional intervention for organism (mind/body) health.
  • NET is a tool for mind/body practitioners who are seeking to restore health.
  • NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions.

To give yourself a quick approximation right now of how NET works, think back to a traumatic situation, cover your forehead with your hands and notice a sense of relief. For feelings of anxiety, cover your forehead with one hand and put your other hand over your heart. You should notice a release of anxiety. For sadness, cover your forehead with one hand and your lungs with your other hand and you should sense a release of sadness. 

Suppressed emotions like anger, fear and sadness can severely limit our ability to cope with the normal stresses of life. NET is often used for a variety of both physical and mental conditions and can be beneficial regardless of age or gender. 

For a deeper understanding of NET, visit Dr. Scott Walker’s site at netmindbody.com or call Dr. Ramah Wagner for an NET session.