Understanding the Perfection of Our Body's Innate Intelligence


How the Field of Epigenetics Teaches that We Control Our Genes

The field of epigenetics pursues the study of how gene expression happens based on environmental factors from external rather than genetic influences. One of the world’s leading researchers on epigenetics is Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. (He was one of my honorary professors at Palmer College of Chiropractic.) He taught that we are not "genetic automatons" or controlled by our gene expression, rather we control our genes.

Dr. Lipton showed us through ultrasound video a seven month fetus flailing in shock affected by its parents verbal screaming match. I took this disturbing image with me and over the next seven years sought out clinical answers to the emotional side of gene or disease expression.

I learned that just as mothers’ cortisol (stress hormone) can surge through the placenta, changing the whole physiology of the baby, the same occurs with stressed-out, negatively emotionally-charged adults. I never would have guessed that employing Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) with stressed-out patients would lead me back to the womb, however we often would find many adults’ life programming did long ago come from that crucial bond between mother and child.

It is commonly known that the mother's stress produces neuropeptides and hormonal changes that severely impact fetal development, however it is not yet widely known that science is finding data that all a pregnant woman feels and consumes impacts her unborn child. Using NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique), applied kinesiology (muscle testing), and time-honored acupuncture principles, I found we could alter these programs.

Now, after all these years of field research and clinical experience, I am carrying my first baby. I can't help but think about the state of the world, its stress and concerns. How will this affect my unborn child? I have had major concerns that even though I know how important this time of pregnancy is, I got into a major auto accident, had a terrible morning sickness, and have not eaten perfectly. I have not been a perfect feature of enlightened bliss. I certainly have not lived in a perfect world in order that this baby may have a perfect start.

One thing I have learned well in these many years in healthcare is that the body is designed to heal. It is like love. Just a little good can offset so much evil. The body has a power within which chiropractic philosophy calls “innate intelligence.” It is nothing more than a desire to live, grow, and fulfill its potential. Every one of our cells is designed for this. Cancer cells are often nothing more than very confused cells made by a gene expression turned on by a very negative environment like heavy metals and chemical stress.

We are in charge of our own health. There will be auto crashes that we can't necessarily control, insecurities imposed on us by the air we breathe, and many chemicals in our food of which we are unaware. We must remember, however, the driving force within us is that intelligence that is always available for healing if we are willing to do the work.