Not Your Same Old Back Brace. Scolibrace by Scolicare

Not Your Same Old Back Brace. Scolibrace by Scolicare

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Our last blog post discussed scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and the CLEAR scoliosis treatment plan which realizes remarkable results in the non-invasive straightening of the spine. Part of the CLEAR scoliosis treatment in Eustis we are certified to offer our patients at Wagner Chiropractic may also involve the wearing of a leading edge brace called the ScoliBrace.

The ScoliBrace by ScoliCare is an over-corrective brace—essentially the “mirror-image” of the patient’s original deformity—that actively works to guide the body and spine into a posture opposite of how the scoliosis is shaped. In addition to correcting the curvature of the spine, it reduces associated pain, decreases rib humping, shoulder unleveling, and other postural distortions, and improves the overall cosmetic appearance of the body and posture. This custom designed, specialized brace has been shown to improve curves as large as 60 degrees.

This approach creates outcomes that reduce abnormal curvatures in the majority of cases, “Bracing in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis reduces the likelihood that the condition will progress to the point that surgery is needed.” —from “NIH study establishes benefits of bracing in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis”

Results of a comprehensive study conducted by researchers from the Bracing in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Trial (BrAIST) set out to compare the risk of curve progression in adolescents with AIS(1) and scientifically found in 2013 that:

“… bracing significantly reduced the risk of curve progression and the need for surgery, and … more hours of brace wear was associated with higher success rates.”


“This study presents important evidence addressing the fundamental question facing families and clinicians dealing with the diagnosis of AIS – to brace or not to brace,” said Stuart Weinstein, M.D., (one of the leaders of the study). “Now we can say with confidence that bracing prevents the need for surgery.”

ScoliBrace is proven effective in the treatment of juvenile, infantile, and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and some neuromuscular curves. It can also be used with non-idiopathic scoliosis patients and is effective treating scoliosis in adults as well. ScoliBrace has realized remarkable success treating curves between 25-60 Cobb(2), generally considered to be severe scoliosis.

ScoliCare sees scoliosis as a three-dimensional condition therefore they approach designing and fitting a brace three-dimensionally as well. Each custom ScoliBrace is created by using 3D BraceScan™ technology. This precision imaging software uses an infrared laser scanner that is accurate to less than one millimeter. The scan produces an exact 3D image of the patient’s unique scoliosis. The ScoliCare design method also combines this scanning technology with X-rays and posture photographs.

Each patient-friendly brace is custom designed for the individual using computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacture (CAM).

ScoliBrace opens and closes at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. Unlike the older generations of rigid spinal braces made of metal bars and an ugly naugahyde bodice, a ScoliBrace sports more than 50 colorful patterns for the patient to choose from.

ScoliNight is another brace made by ScoliBrace which is suitable for treating smaller curves in young children measuring between 10 and 25 degrees with single lumbar, thoracic(3) and thoracolumbar(4) curve patterns. The advantage of this type of brace is that it only needs to be worn while sleeping hours.

Wagner Chiropractic is a designated ScoliCare clinic. If you suspect or observe postural abnormalities in your child’s or even your own spine, usually through digital X-rays, call Wagner Chiropractic for a free consultation on scoliosis. Many people have benefited from Wagner Chiropractic’s use of CLEAR scoliosis and Scolibrace. We have treated kids and adults with scoliosis eight years old up to age 89.

  1. Adolescent idiopathic (of unknown origin) scoliosis
  2. The Cobb Angle is used as a standard measurement to determine and track the progression of scoliosis. Dr John Cobb invented this method in 1948.
  3. the part of the body of a mammal between the neck and the abdomen, including the cavity enclosed by the ribs, breastbone, and dorsal vertebrae, and containing the chief organs of circulation and respiration; the chest
  4. relating to the thoracic(3) and lumbar regions of the spine


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