I think it’s really important that people know that with sports injuries and even with back pain and back problems is that they need to have a rehabilitation program that’s combined with a chiropractic adjustment.
— Dr. Ramah Wagner
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Get an Orthopedic and Neurological examination and a set of x-rays as a base line. Learn about your nervous system and where you have arthritis.


Do a short 6-week program of Chiropractic and spinal rehab, like passive physical therapy followed by active physical therapy to build up strength.


A Quick Guide to Chiropractic Physical Therapy

Chiropractic Physical Therapy is a proven way to help optimize recovery from injuries and reduce the likelihood of relapses. The key is doing the right kinds of movements and exercises at the right intensity. This will help you get back to normal. That’s why, in addition to treatments performed by your doctor, chiropractic care usually involves rehabilitation exercises. When it comes to recovering from an injury and staying healthy, movement matters.

How necessary is Physical Therapy?

Depending on your pain levels, how long you’ve been dealing with an issue and how much time you have, Physical Therapy can be a hard sell. Once your pain starts to ease, you may think it’s no longer necessary. Or you may simply feel like there’s not enough time in the day to add yet another set of activities to your routine. In either case, it’s important to remember that Physical Therapy is about more than managing pain and can often be integrated with other activities such as listening to music or watching TV.

Physical Therapy is important because many of the injuries and pains that chiropractic treatments address took time to develop and may require strengthening, lengthening and retraining muscles to fully treat. For example, if you have lower back, shoulder or neck problems that took months or years to develop from poor posture or work habits, or a favorite hobby or sport, then it often takes more than a couple of treatments to really start reversing the effects.

While treatments will help reduce your pain and put you on the path to recovery, you need to improve joint mobility, strengthen muscles and improve your flexibility for the best outcome. Getting results takes consistent work over a period of time, so sticking to your Physical Therapy plan is your ticket to a quicker recovery and reducing the likelihood of a future recurrence.


Before You Visit:

Please download, print and complete your assessment form if possible.


Please bring in your proof of insurance if you have it at the time of your initial consultation and we will do a complimentary verification of chiropractic benefits or stop in any time at your convenience and we will do this research for you at no charge.